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The 27 comes through Edinburgh city centre, down The Mound and crosses Princes Street. The 8 comes down through the east end of the city centre, down North Bridge and Leith Street. Around 2 km from the centre of town, both buses turns left at Goldenacre. When the bus passes The Edinburgh Tabernacle, on the left, just past Millennium Motors. The number 27 goes straight on, while the number 8 turns right.

Bus number 27 Get off the bus two stops after the Edinburgh Tabernacle. Cross the road at the traffic island and turn down Boswall Drive. Continue down until you reach Fraser Crescent on your right. Head down Fraser Crescent until you reach our white bungalow at number 8.

Bus number 8 Get off the bus three stops after turning right turn at the Edinburgh Tabernacle into Granton Road. The stop is labelled “Boswall Green”. On alighting the bus, go left back up Granton Road to the shops. Turn right into Boswall Green, then left into Fraser Crescent. Our white bungalow is on the right hand side at number 8.

Chas:     44779 532 3889                 
Gillian: 44788 581 5629
8 Fraser Crescent, EH5 2AN


Bus 27 home Get off at Boswall Drive (2 stops after Edinburgh Tabernacle).

Cross road, left into Boswall Drive, 3rd right into Fraser Crescent, number 8.

Bus 8 home Get off at Boswall Green (3 stops after Edinburgh Tabernacle). Left up Granton Road 70m, left into Boswall Green, left into Fraser Crescent)
Takes around 10 minutes from the centre of town.

UBER costs around £6, black cabs cost around £11.

Address is 8 Fraser Crescent, EH5 2AN - white house with high hedge at front.
We are on the north side of town. Set sat nav to EH5 2AN.

We are white house with high hedge at front. Drive straight in to the driveway at the side of the house when you arrive.

There are a couple of options for getting to us from the airport.

Take the number 200 Airport Bus and get off at Granton Square. Let us know when you plan to get there and we can pick you up from the bus stop which is a 2 minute drive from our home.

Or take the tram to the city centre. If you let us know your plans we can usually pick you up from the city centre which is a 10 minute drive from our home.
A 10 minute taxi ride takes you to our house. We can sometimes pick you up from the station